Supporting Staff Working from Home in a Crisis

Purple Infographic illustrated with icons of people and buildings - Supporting Staff working from home in a crisis - Employers: Recognise the unique nature of this challenge.
Understand the stress we are all under. 
Do anything you can to support your staff as fully as possible to follow government guidelines and keep themselves and the rest of us safe.
Empower managers and staff to come up with solutions that work for them.
If your business is affected - use government support to avoid laying people off if you can - Line & Team Managers: Adjust expectations - give leeway where you can
Check in with staff regularly - ask how they & family are
Signpost to support services within organisation and local area
Allow flexibility as much as possible 
Don't expect everyone to react in the same way - some will struggle, some will thrive.
Give multiple channels for people to raise issues - including anonymously
Review arrangements regularly and listen to ideas and concerns
Working from home: Keep a routine - Maintain boundaries eg. Workspace / Time
Remember health & safety - follow guidance on sitting correctly, Take regular breaks - do not try to replicate office working if you do not have the same furniture / equipment
Start & end your day with some exercise - if not a walk, then 10 minutes of stretching / aerobics
Use all available communication methods to stay in touch - video, call, email, text, messaging, 
Accept that other responsibilites will need attention. support each other - Support each other: Be open and honest about how you are feeling
Ask about eachother's wellbeing and family
Keep an eye out for signs someone is struggling:
Changes to sleep / appetite (what hours are they keeping?)
Changes to mood / temper - quiet, irritable, impatient, emotional
Lack of focus, difficulty concentrating
Mistakes or performance issues
Complaints of aches, pains, physical issues
Lack of engagement with calls / online meetings
Make sure you have contact details of their partner / housemates /next of kin. -Looking after yourself: Looking after yourself.

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