Why choose Sarah Long Mental Health & Wellbeing?

I am a qualified and experienced Mental Health First Aid Instructor who has delivered this, and other training in a wide range of settings and industries with great success over the past seven years.

My experiences allow me to come at the issue of mental health from a number of angles, which I have found helpful in connecting with and answering questions from different “types” of delegate on courses. On the one hand, I have lived with my own wide ranging mental health issues for over 30 years, and my recovery is an ongoing work in progress. If needed I can bring that personal perspective to bear to help put a human face on some of the statistics.

I have been a manager, I have had supported staff with a variety of experiences with their mental health balancing their needs with those of the business and wider team – within the context of my organisations’ policies and the law.

I have worked with HR, management and unions as part of the organisation’s Disabled Staff Network, looking at policy and strategic issues that shape the culture of the workplace, and helping managers to learn how to make effective and supportive reasonable adjustments to enable staff with Mental Health (and other) Disabilities to thrive and reach their full potential in their roles.

I have studied counselling in order to develop my understanding of psychological development and theory, and ability to effectively support others through difficulties – including, inevitably, family and friends – because mental ill health touches us all, I believe, sooner or later.

Ignoring any of these perspectives, or the wider world and society in which we live, will leave a gap in our understanding of people’s experience of mental health, and how and why the workplace can be a huge influence for good or ill in people’s lives. An open and positive approach to discussing the challenges is vital to make real progress.

I receive consistently excellent feedback from delegates and am told I create a safe and interesting environment for people to learn and if they wish, share their own experiences or perspectives.

I have a passion for helping people understand and improve their wellbeing, and I also bring my former professional skills to bear in my continued learning which backs up my work. (I was a Chartered Health Librarian for 16 years…)

I have delivered Mental Health training in / for the following sectors and more:

Civil Service / Government / NHS / Unions / Industry / Construction / Finance / Education / Public Sector / Private Sector / Third Sector / Charities / Service Industries / Local Government / Colleges / Universities / Manufacturing / Logistics / Transport / Aviation

2 thoughts on “Why choose Sarah Long Mental Health & Wellbeing?

  1. Hi there
    I wonder if you could help. I am a run leader co-ordinator for a Horbury based, non profit making, volunteer-led, ladies only running club.
    Over the past year or so it has become more apparent that many of our runners run to help manage and/or improve their mental health. A knock on effect of this is that our run leaders are finding themselves supporting their runners and are consequently encountering their own mental health challenges.
    I would really like to support them by offering them some kind of mental health training – to help them recognise the signs of worsening mental health, with information around where & how to signpost people appropriately and then most importantly, protect and strengthen their own mental health & resilience.
    Having looked at various courses I wondered if the mental health awreness course would be appropriate?
    If so I’d like to invetsigate the chances of you hosting a one off session for approx 12-15 of our members – unfortunately it would need to be on a Saturday morning and would be dependent on cost. I would be able to provide a room in a local community centre to host the event.
    Could you please contact me on 07871 088683 if you are interested in taking this further.

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