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Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

This course was developed in conjunction with Unite the Union and aims to give attendees an introduction to Mental Health and how employers can help, or hinder the recovery of positive mental wellbeing.

We start with an overview of mental health, and how we our impacted when our state of mind deteriorates. How does mental ill health manifest, and how might it show up in a workplace environment?

We discuss a variety of mental health diagnoses, and then move on to thinking about the role and responsibility of employers in supporting staff members who have mental health issues. We think about legal responsibilities, duty of care – but also what employers can choose to do become a supportive environment for their employees.

Beyond this – how can employers actively promote positive mental wellbeing, become truly mentally healthy environments, which not only avoid causing stress and anxiety,  but also help staff to look after their physical and emotional health – being really, truly good places to work.

We also touch upon what can happen if employers are not prepared to take these steps – the difficulties of mental health and unemployment, and the benefits system. We think about how individuals can help, what we can do to support our colleagues, families, friends – as well as ensure we keep an eye on our own wellbeing as well.

Cost – This is an economical option for workplaces to begin the process of raising awareness and improving mental health outcomes among staff, as it is not tied to recommended retail prices.

Contact me for a quote to deliver in house training at your organisation.

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