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Instructor Rating:

Very Good: 77%
Good: 22%

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About the course

About Sarah Long as a trainer

On finishing training, clients are asked to give themselves scores out of ten for a) how confident they felt to help someone in mental health crisis – before, and after the course, and b) to rate their knowledge and understanding of mental health issues, before and after the course.

Below are the average rating improvements reported by clients after attending my courses:

Confidence to help someone in distress:

Average 3.95 point increase. (eg. from 4/10 -7/10 = 3 point increase)

Knowledge and Understanding of Mental Health Issues:

Average 4.21 point increase.

Client comments about the course:

“This course is very eye opening. I think that the government should make it a requirement for all workplaces. Well done Sarah – enjoyed your teaching method.”
“I have found the course valuable on a personal level as it has helped me to identify my own mental health awareness / issues. I feel more confident to discuss MH with colleagues and feel better equipped to deal with situations that will inevitably occur at work.”
“Liked the videos and real life case studies”
“Really good course, clear slides, manual is well presented.”


“Course was really good! I think everyone should do this course. Really good two days, thanks Sarah”
“Very interesting overall, especially the statistics and symptoms of disorders and causes of disorders.”
“A really excellent and informative  course. I now feel considerably more confident should I again need to offer appropriate support to a colleague with a mental health issue.”
“A very informative and thought provoking course, difficult at times but achieved the objective of raising awareness”
“Lots of really insightful and useful information”
“I found the course very interesting and informative, and feel I have learnt some very useful skills that I can appy in the right circumstances. I wish I had done the course sooner – as I could have used some of the learning with family members who were suffering with mental ill health.”
“Interesting course and would recommend”
“Thank you – a fantastic insight for both work and personal life. I’d like to see the course as mandatory training.”
“This should be mandatory for all [Senior Managers] to fulful the course. Often their behaviour creates problems for staff.”
“MHFA is an excellent beginning into the understanding of this complex and diverse issue – I would suggest that it should be a mandatory course for the [organisation]”
“Best course I have attended – very interesting and a great initiative.”
“In terms of learning opportunity or “safe” learning environment – excellent.”
“Thank you for a very insightful course. I have line managerial responsibility for a member of staff who has recovered from MH issues and I hope this will help us work closer as my understanding has greatly increased.”

Client comments about Sarah Long as trainer:

“Very informative course. I feel that the personal experiences from instructor gave a lot of weight to what I was learning. Sarah did a great job and I feel I am better able to direct people to the right services after completing the course.”
“Really enjoyed the training. It is nice to discuss personal experiences with others. (Direct or indirect experiences) Trainer ensured a safe environment for discussions. Trainer friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. Would recommend course to others.”
“Liked the sharing of personal experience. Tutor showed understanding and empathy – Thank You.”
“Excellent instructor, calm and well paced”
“Excellent instructor: very clear, open, listened, kept the course interesting, made you feel you could ask any question.”
“The course was delivered fantastically throughout the whole of two days.”
“Great trainer who created a relaxed, safe environment and listened to everybody’s thoughts”
“Excellent – knowledgeable, experienced, friendly.”
“Really good to hear Sarah’s personal stories and examples which supported the course materials”
“Clear, good pace of delivery, space to develop, share thoughts.”
“Honesty was refreshing and ability to draw on personal experience useful.”
“Engaging – thorough – good knowledge”
“Very good presentation by instructor. Helped that she had first hand experience and let others in the group talk about theirs.”
“Supportive and knowledgeable”
“Sarah presented this difficult subject very well. She was very open and honest about her own experiences, and allowed people to share when they wanted to.”
“Sarah delivered the course very well and gave everyone time to talk throughout the course.”
“Enlightening, explained things in layman speak. Approachable, very knowledgeable. Personal Insight.””She gave good examples and was incredibly calm”
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