Special Offers

I try to make all of my courses as accessible as possible – with a range of prices and discounts for people in different circumstances. The earlier you can book on a course, the greater the discount available.

I also make it possible for people to pay the full MHFA England RRP for the coursrs, if you are able to do this, I encourage you to do so, as it will make it more possible for me to continue to offer discounts to those who would otherwise be unable to access the training.

Discount categories:

Benefit Recipients
Charities / Charity Employees or Volunteers
Non-Profit / Social Enterprises
Public Service Organisations (Health, Social Care, Education, Armed Forces, Emergency Services etc)

Other –
Individual / Employer Funded
I recognise that not every individual or company have the same available budget available for training, even if we don’t fall into the above categories so I offer a discount which may be better suited to your needs.

Early Bird
Enhanced discounts are available for earlier bookings.

Free or further discounted places
I may occasionally be able to offer free places, or other discounts depending on circumstances, please get in touch if you need to. Discount codes may be shared on my social media channels.

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