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Online Training

Online training has many benefits – obviously during this time of social distancing and coronavirus risk it enables you to offer training to staff where they can choose to do the course in a safe environment. Some people find it easier to engage and open up in an online space – though we must also acknowledge that for others it is less comfortable.

However – online training has other benefits which will endure even after things become closer to normality, the main one being of course cost. I do not need to charge for travel, accommodation and substistence expenses incurred – which knocks £100s off your bill. If your delegates are coming from multiple locations – you are also saved the cost of their expenses.

The materials charges remain the same – while the basic fee will be slightly higher due to the different nature of the online course and ongoing support which delegates receive. (While the face to face is two days, plus admin time for me, the online course is four separate sessions and administration and support though using the online system for the duration of the course – which can be over a month)

If you have just one or two people you wish to train, you can book on an open course, with a variety of rates available.

For groups of five or more it may be more economical for you to contact me for a quote for exclusive training.

Further discounts available for courses booked more than two months in advance, or multiple course bookings.

For more details and a quote – email: sarahlongmhfauk@gmail.com

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