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Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training teaches people how to understand mental health, recognise signs and symptoms of mental ill health, and help a person going through difficult times who may be developing a mental health problem.

Developed in Australia in 2000 and now internationally recognised in twenty five countries, the MHFA course teaches us to provide help on a first aid basis and effectively guide towards the right support services. By learning to recognise the early signs that someone may be unwell, you may be able to provide initial help, to guide a person towards appropriate professional help, and in its most powerful form, save a life by learning basic suicide intervention skills.

Who can attend?

The course for anyone over 16 years of age. Some of the contents could be quite sensitive and we want to ensure that we create a safe and suitable learning environment for all our attendees, so please consider whether you are in the right place to take the course right now.

The courses I offer are licensed by MHFA England – as such are for delivery to people within England. (Or to employees of companies / organisations who are headquartered in England – contact me to discuss)

There are many reasons why people might want to train in Mental Health First Aid:

Mental health problems are common, especially depression, anxiety and misuse of alcohol and other drugs. However due to the stigma associated with mental illness people may not recognise what is going on with them, or may be reticent to seek help or talk to their family and friends about what they are going through.

People who are experiencing poor mental health

Mental Health First aid can help people to understand their own experiences, and also through increased understanding of Mental Health challenge stigmatised attitudes in the community.

People who are friends or family members of people with poor mental health

Sometimes our family are the first to recognise when we are not ourselves. However people lack the knowledge and confidence to address these issues, and help us to recognise our issues, make adjustments that might help, and access support from appropriate services and mental health professionals

Employers, Team Leaders, HR Staff, Union Representatives, Team Members

Mental ill health is a leading cause of sickness absence, disability related unemployment, but also of presenteeism – when people remain in work when they really shouldn’t, which has significant consequences for productivity, performance and morale.

On the other hand if employers support their staff through mental health difficulties and design their policies and practices to promote a mentally healthy culture, there are benefits on all levels.

Mental Health First Aiders and Mental Health Champions can be an excellent part of a whole system approach to mental health – giving an informal support option which can then signpost to other aspects of your offer – Occupational Health, Employee Assistance Programmes, Health and Wellbeing measures as well as wider provision through the NHS and charity sectors.

MHFA Skills are useful to people in all kinds of professions – especially caring professions, where a simple understanding of mental health and its impacts can inform every interaction with people going through traumas of all kinds, or dealing with momentous events.

The earlier individuals can recognise their issues developing and are able to seek help and take action, and the more support they have to do this, the better the chance they have of a speedy, extensive and enduring return to good mental wellbeing

In addition to the Full Adult Mental Health First Aider course (Face to face or online) – there are also several other options available to raise awareness in your organisation. For full details follow the links below:

Mental Health First Aid (Adult)
Online – Four Live Sessions plus Independent Learning (Available)
Face to Face – Four Half Day Sessions – usually delivered over two days. (Suspended due to Covid-19)

Mental Health Champion (Adult)
Face to Face – Two Half Day Sessions – usually delivered in one day. (Suspended due to Covid-19)

Mental Health Aware (Adult)
Online – Four Hour (Half Day) Session (Available)
Face to Face (Half Day) Session (Suspended due to Covid-19)

MHFA Refresher (for people who have attended Mental Health First Aid or Champion)
Online – Four Hour (Half Day)
Face to Face – Four Hour (Half Day)

Higher Education Mental Health Champion
Face to Face – Two Half Day Sessions – usually delivered in one day. (Suspended due to Covid-19)

Other providers also offer Mental Health First Aid aimed at those working with Young People, and also with an Armed Forces Focus – and MHFA England now offer online options for line managers and HR Specialists around having wellbeing conversations and supporting return to work after long term absence of any kind. (See MHFA England site for more details. I can deliver these latter courses as an associate instructor for them – all bookings are via their workplace team.).

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