Available Courses

Open Sessions or In-House training available

Courses primarily online only at present due to Covid-19 – contact me to discuss if you are looking for face to face training

Online Mental Health First Aid 
The online version of the full Mental Health First Aid course is a combination of independent learning activities (reading, video, quizzes, reflection), and four live online sessions with an instructor to further explore the content. – While the format is different the learning outcomes are the same and you will receive e-certificate, manual, workbook and “z-card” aide memoire – Course Details

Mental Health First Aid – Adult Two Day Course (Classroom)
The full two-day course is the gold standard – participants gain full Mental Health First Aider status. You will receive a manual, workbook, “Z-Card” aide memoire and email certificate. – Course Details

Mental Health First Aid – Higher Education One Day Course (Classroom Only)
Aimed at students and staff in Universities – the One Day Higher Education course provides a whistlestop tour of key issues, including factors specific to the university sector. The full two day course is recommended for those most likely to be directly supporting people through mental health difficulties, this one day course equips participants to be Mental Health Champions and help spread awareness and advocate for mental wellbeing programmes.

You will receive a manual, workbook and email certificate. Course Details

Mental Health First Aid – Half Day Course (Online or Classroom)
The half day course provides a brief introduction and aims to raise basic awareness of Mental Health. This is a valuable session for all – sometimes used as a taster to help decide if people wish to go on to do the full two day course.

You will receive an MHFA half day manual, workbook and email certificate of attendance. Course Details

Bespoke or In-house training & speaking engagements

Contact me to discuss speaking engagements.

I am available to deliver or develop training for your group or organisation – either one off sessions, or full Mentally Healthy Workplace programmes pitching a range of products at different members of your workforce as required.

Bespoke training costs will depend upon your requirements. Where I have existing course material to work on the costs will be lower to reflect the reduced preparation needed.

Contact me to discuss bespoke training arrangements.

The Mental Health First Aid range offers an excellent selection to build Mental Health Literacy for staff in different situations – from general awareness for all, to full MH First Aider status for those most likely to be supporting colleagues, such as line managers, HR,  union representatives – or in front line roles.

I would be happy to present the range of options and discuss your requirements with you – after which I will deliver a proposal for your agreement based on your needs and budget.

Contact me to discuss MHFA training in your workplace or organisation.

If you are looking to undertake a broader workplace mental wellbeing approach, we can discuss full range packages of a number of courses, reviewing your policies, making reasonable adjustments, developing a mentally healthy workplace approach and also “Time to Talk” lunchtime drop in sessions to try and develop a peer support group in your organisation.

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