Children’s Mental Health Week. A rant.

I hear a lot of comments as I do the rounds of my training, a lot of thoughts and opinions, pre-judgements about mental health. Some thoughtful, insightful, some stigmatised/stigmatising, offensive and downright wrong. That’s ok. People come to learn about mental health, I want them to air their thoughts and preconceptions so we can discussContinue reading “Children’s Mental Health Week. A rant.”

Self Harm – the crashing of the waves on an ocean

Last week saw a flood of stories on the prevalence of self harm amongst our young people and especially girls and LGBTQ+ youth, stemming from the publication of the Children’s Society’s “The Good Childhood Report”.  The report makes interesting and saddening reading, highlighting the deterioration in the emotional wellbeing and life satisfaction of children –Continue reading “Self Harm – the crashing of the waves on an ocean”

Post Natal Judgementalism

Part of my “day job” involves running news searches on various topics, one of which is Post Natal Depression (PND). Doing this I noticed a cluster of stories around the relationship between PND and breastfeeding. The research by Cristina Borra et al which prompted the stories is available here in the Maternal and Child HealthContinue reading “Post Natal Judgementalism”