We have lift off

Last week’s course at the Elsie Whiteley Centre was great. That place is fantastic by the way, very much recommend if you need a meeting / training / coworking location in Halifax. They looked after me very well and the cafe is lovely and good value.

Not only did I get to meet a lovely group of people from varied backgrounds (Firefighter to primary school teacher) – and introduce them to the simple tenets of Mental Health First Aid – which hopefully they can now go away and use in supporting others, but also understanding their own mental health, but I also covered my costs. Yay! That’s a win, at this early stage of my freelance endeavour.

mhfa halifax

As always, the people in the group brought their experiences to bear on the material we discussed, and I learnt many things myself.  Not least of which was not to have the celebratory drink until after the second day of training… Oh well, it was my first day.

Now my attention turns to getting the next few courses off the ground. I have a couple of people waiting but need a few more before I can confirm. So if you are interested please get in touch! I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have about the courses.

Coming up :

MHFA Lite (A basic introduction to Mental Health Awareness)
— Leeds – 4th October, 1pm – 5pm
— Hebden Bridge 9th October, 1pm – 5pm

Mental Health First Aid (Two Day First Aider course)
— Leeds – 10th/11th October, 9am – 5pm
— Hebden Bridge – 12th/13th October, 9am – 5pm

MHFA Higher Education (One Day Mental Health Champion Course_
— Leeds – 25th October, 9am – 5pm

You can read more about each course, (and book online if you want) on the Eventbrite pages here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/sarah-long-14624952023 or contact me about discounts/ other forms of payment.

Do also let me know if you are interested but a) can’t make these times/places, or b) might have difficulty with costs. I’m considering where and when to go next at the moment so open to suggestion, and I have some flexibility with places once a minimum number of bookings are received.  I need to pay my rent eventually of course, but I also want to make the course as accessible as I can within reason.

I’m also thinking of developing some non-MHFA branded training down the line, which I will have even greater flexibility with. There is always so much more I would like to say!



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