How Refreshing – Update your MHFA Skills

At the beginning of 2020, just before everything changed, I ran my first MHFA Refresher course. A small group, from a few different organisations, but enough to get a real feel for how enjoyable this new course was going to be. Over the last 18 months of course we have gone online, but i’ve run many more now and every one has the same vibe. People who are really committed to caring for their colleagues and friends, who did their Mental Health First Aid or Mental Health Champion course some time ago, and have been trying to help people ever since.

Some people have used their knowledge now and again, maybe in one off, quite extreme scenarios, others find they are using it every day, even in the most mundane of conversations. Some remember most of what they learnt, others think they have forgotten it all, and are pleasantly surprised as things bubble back up to the surface when given a prompt.

Everyone wants to be there. Everyone is interested. Everyone is playing an active role in making their workplace and the world more supportive for those who are going through difficult times. It is one of my favourite courses to deliver so I decided to schedule more regular dates. If your MHFA crown could do with a polish (MHFA England suggest at least once every 3 years) – come and join us.

All courses subject to a need for a minimum number of bookings – Discounts available for early booking or special circumstances – if you need several places contact me to see if there is a more cost effective option for you.

Online MHFA Refresher Courses – Delivered via Zoom – Workbook/Manual & E-Certificate Included

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